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Synonyms for ecological


Synonyms for ecological

characterized by the interdependence of living organisms in an environment


of or relating to the science of ecology

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The three major branches--continuous spatial variation, discrete spatial variation, and spatial point patterns--provide the core of the work, but other sections cover the history, spatio-temporal processes, and additional topics such as multi-variate spatial process models and spatial aggregation and the ecological fallacy.
Inferring individual behavior, such as racial attitudes affecting presidential votes from aggregate data confronts a logical barrier known as the ecological fallacy.
Along the same lines, the authors show that the now-hackneyed observation that blue states are richer than red states rests on an ecological fallacy.
It seems that there may be ecological fallacy at play here.
In particular, Professors Gill and Katz committed what is referred to as the ecological fallacy in making inferences about a particular individual's voting behavior using only information about the average behavior of groups; in this case, voters assigned to a particular precinct.
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