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Some of the ecological factors addressed by this comprehensive program include:
In the long term, ecological factors change carbon balance.
McHarg, currently a professor emeritus in landscape architecture and regional planning at the University of Pennsylvania, proposed a practical method for evaluating proper land use based on ecological factors.
Ecological factors are also important in their creation of self, and this study suggests that the negative labeling the childre n receive promotes their low self-worth and valuation.
Based on a review of this literature, variables were chosen and categorized under the relevant ecological systems level according to Bronfenbrenner's conceptual framework to determine ecological factors associated with adolescent pregnancy and parenting.
incorporation of socio-economic and ecological factors and use of local or traditional knowledge; and
The draft plan also calls for maintaining a reduced population of between 1,700 and 2,500 bison--numbers that are not based on science or ecological factors.
Shaver is using trees to change the thinking behind stormwater management and go from regulations that require retention ponds to rules that say it's smarter to utilize trees and other ecological factors.
15-16), deals with the skillful adaptation of the mountain farmers of Gorkha, who mitigate unfavorable ecological factors to a considerable extent by their traditional agricultural techniques.
Biological and ecological factors are also often down-played in political economy approaches.
Controlling emerging zoonotic diseases requires understanding patterns of disease in reservoir hosts, the ecological factors that enable transmission between species and how pathogens evolve in new species.
I think this is a really nice indication that evolution, depending on the ecological factors involved, can drive things in different directions for simplification and for becoming smaller," says Mark Martindale, director of the Kewalo Marine Laboratory at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
As earth scientists, we love to debate different environmental and ecological factors in extinctions, but the truth is that all of these factors interact with one another in complicated ways, and you need a way of teasing these interactions apart.
Likely, many other ecological factors play an important role in the population dynamics of Unionid mussels.
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