Escherichia coli

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a species of bacterium normally present in intestinal tract of humans and other animals


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The unique technology has been tested and reviewed by several research institutes who have proved that the technology offers significant bacteria reduction for micro-organisms such as Ecoli, Pseudomonas and Salmonella.
Contract awarded for Vidas Quality Control QCV kits Vidas Salmonella kits Vidas Ecoli O157 including H7 kits Vidas LIS Vidas Listeria monocytogenes kits Vidas Staphylococcal Enterotoxin II SET 2 kits.
ECOLI is a major economic cause of mastitis on the modern dairy farm.
FIC (a) Index of different combinations of antibiotics and essential oils Bacteria TM+ TM+ TM+ TM+ TB+ TB+ TB+ TB+ TM+TB C C P Cx C C P Cx Ecoli 0.
The testing results showed that model could predict Ecoli leaching with good accuracy both using CDE equations.
31, 2009, FSIS issued a notice about a recall of more than 500,000 pounds of beef products from Fairbank Farms that may be contaminated with Ecoli 0157:H7.
Hospital staff saved her life when she was born, firstly as she wasn't breathing for about three minutes and then when they found she had the deadly EColi bug.
Campaigners warned the new type of Ecoli could cause life-threatening symptoms including severe cases of food poisoning, and was resistant to almost all antibiotics.
There are many different types including salmonella, ecoli and campylobacter.
Without wanting to put a dampener on your fun, every year thousands of people fall ill from food poisoning as a direct result of eating barbecued food, the most common bugs to cause illness are ecoli, campylobacter and salmonella.
Four other people, who tested positive for EColi, are recovering at home.
Music fans were told to keep out of the mud for fear of catching ecoli infections or dysentery.
Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins, which stop infection-causing bacteria such as Ecoli sticking to the bladder wall.
Dick Price's Radnor Alfie missed all last season when he became seriously ill with ecoli, but he returned with a vengeance to hold the promising Wellfield Kate (Terry Laventure) on his maiden debut in the hands of Mark Pritchard.
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