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violence carried out to further the political or social objectives of the environmentalists

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assistance of a family member, retaliation for personal grievance) (n = 5), (6) eco-terrorism (n = 2), and (7) financial (n = 1).
183) Examples of this shift in understanding are manifest in antiabortion terrorism and eco-terrorism.
efforts to fight animal rights extremism and eco-terrorism have suggested that the threat is overblown by law enforcement and that the government's pursuit of purported extremists perpetuates a "green scare," chilling the exercise of protected speech by protesters.
Its Chair, Philip Tsanov, says the Bulgarian environmentalist organizations are practicing eco-terrorism and use slander to discredit public and private business in mountain areas, pointing out they tarnish the image of the country and halt new projects and development of tourism, farming and construction.
There is another and even more sinister eventuality, and that is eco-terrorism by extremists groups with a grudge against the West.
Some other examples of topics covered by the entries include Antarctic issues and challenges, aquatic ecosystems, biostratigraphy, chemical spills, the Clean Air Act of 1970, coastal zones, dams, eco-terrorism, estuaries, geographic information systems, greenhouse effect, hazardous waste, invasive species, Kyoto Protocol, laboratory methods in environmental science, nuclear test ban treaties, pharmaceutical development resources, saltwater intrusion, tsunami impacts, and Walden by Henry David Thoreau.
31) Consequently, the FBI identified eco-terrorism as a primary domestic terrorism threat, and specifically identified arson as a preferred tactic used by such organisations against forests, related services and other targets.
I, for one, hope gardai throw the book at anyone guilty of eco-terrorism.
The second scenario, "Environmental Backlash," envisions a world in which an environmental catastrophe of some sort has galvanized a global reform movement, resulting in both greater eco-awareness on the part of governments and corporations (a positive result) and more incidents of eco-terrorism and violence (an obvious negative outcome).
The Center provides access and links to numerous electronic resources on the War on Terrorism and on such topics as terrorists, eco-terrorism, and news outlets.
But you do have to concentrate to keep up with this story of student protest which takes us into mainstream American politics by way of ideals, strategies, feminism, racial and religious persecution, eco-terrorism, murder and the shifting sands of individual beliefs.
15, the NAHB threw its support behind legislative efforts that would give federal and state authorities the tools to investigate and prosecute acts of eco-terrorism directed against home builders.
Acts of eco-terrorism, rising instances of domestic acts of terrorism and sabotage, and the apocalyptic nature of the Sarin gas attack in the Tokyo subway system in 1995 all added to confusion as to the nature of terrorism and the terrorist act.
Considering the increase in terrorism, eco-terrorism and eco-sabotage in the United States, the Council recommends that EPA review the security of the proposed website with appropriate authorities.