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a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment

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The results of this study reveal that the eco-system needed to monetize International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF) is thriving.
Mangroves play a very important role in maintaining the eco-system which mainly includes growth of fisheries sector and as a strong check over air pollution and sea intrusion.
Eric Duffaut previously held global sales leadership positions at Oracle and SAP, most recently as Corporate Officer and President of SAP`s global partner eco-system.
When it comes to cloud, we want to enable our eco-systems and other eco-systems," Samer Abu Ltaif, Microsoft Gulf's Regional General Manager, told Gulf News.
At the occasion he stated "Developing an entrepreneurial eco-system is a key priority of SMEDA.
The club, under the management of Troon Golf, has signed a contract with Dubai-based Hillthom, a lake management company, to manage the quality of the lakes, preventing organic sedimentation by minimising the development of algae, and in doing so, leaving sufficient oxygen to support a diversified eco-system.
Shradha Sharma added, "Building new products and services for the startup eco-system is going to be critical for not just us but for the entire eco-system.
The experts have met via online roundtables, discussing issues like: why performance management is critical today, how it's requirements have changed with the advent of new services (VoD, broadband data, IPTV) and networks (4G/LTE, Carrier Ethernet, and cloud-based), how they differ across operator types, and the advances the eco-system is making to enhance the operator's ability in this domain.
The center's opening is one of the key activities foreseen in cross-border project "Introduction of Integrated Eco-System Management in Prespa Lake Basin", funded by the Global Environment Fund, implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and UNDP.
Utmost care is being given so that the fragile natural eco-system of the archipelago is not in any way disturbed," he added.
That was the cry that went out from Parliament yesterday, calling on the Government to act to stem the decline in the moth population and thus avoid the threat of serious damage to the eco-system.
As with i-mode, DoCoMo has done a great job creating the right eco-system.
Dr Jeffrey Ram of Wayne State University in Detroit warned: "We are rapidly heading towards a one-world homogeneous eco-system.
Introduced species with short reproductive cycles, voracious appetites, or no local enemies can quickly dominate an eco-system.
They became active in their community and won a trip, along with four other teens, to a Costa Rican rain forest - an all-expenses-paid educational expedition to help them learn about the area's fragile eco-system.