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the great circle representing the apparent annual path of the sun

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For example, in a 2010 paper, the team of Craig Copi, Dragan Huterer, Dominik Schwarz, and Glenn Starkman, which has done extensive research into the CMB anomalies, not only confirmed the Axis' alignment with Earth, but ruled out any alignment with our Milky Way galaxy, stating: "Our studies indicate that the observed alignments are with the ecliptic plane, with the equinox or with the CMB dipole, and not with the Galactic plane.
044) and tilted close to the ecliptic plane (i = 3.
The angle of the moon's position related to the ecliptic plane changes with its revolution around the earth.
The Earth swingby maneuver moves the spacecraft about 10 degrees from the ecliptic plane to match the asteroid orbital plane.
The boost will enalbe Ulysses to leave the ecliptic plane (in which planets orbit the sun) in order to map the sun's polar regions in 1994 and 1995.
The spacecraft, built by ESA and launched by NASA, achieved its polar solar orbit using a gravity assist from Jupiter to slingshot the craft into its high-latitude orbit, perpendicular to the ecliptic plane where the planets orbit the sun.
Because the dust in the solar system is concentrated along the ecliptic plane, the zodiacal light is likewise concentrated," said Gyuk.
For much of the year, a 'trickle' of meteor activity is detectable from the vicinity of the ecliptic plane.