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a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation

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We followed with interest the presentations on eclipsing binaries where it was recommended that particular stars be studied including AO Cas, CQ Cep and RT Lac.
Or, have you observed eclipsing binaries and wondered if there was more you could do with the data?
Middleton continued his collaboration with Smits by doing observations of W UMa type eclipsing binaries.
With most eclipsing binaries, it's easy to calculate when one star begins to eclipse the other, or when the eclipse ends.
We hope that the EB Handbook will encourage many more people to become observers of eclipsing binaries.
They include flare stars, Cepheid variables, eclipsing binaries, extrasolar planetary transits, and even stars with spots.
Eclipsing binaries are observed in order to make estimates of mid-eclipse, which then enable a calculation of the current period of the system.
On most clear nights for the last decade, Dvorak has used his "semi-automated" 10-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain scope and CCD camera to measure eclipsing binaries, RR Lyraes, and cataclysmic variable stars for the AAVSO.
Mr Loughney highlighted the eclipsing binaries W Ser, RZ Cas, U Cep, VW Cep, BV Dra, and AW UMa, describing both visual observations and unfiltered photometry using a digital SLR camera.
Theorists also needed the stars' exact diameters, and this meant analyzing the light curves of eclipsing binaries in particular.
Yet interferometry provides the only means to measure the diameters of single stars, and it provides a sanity check on sizes derived from eclipsing binaries.
So Algol (like other eclipsing binaries that do this) is well worth monitoring.
Zeta is of one of the southern sky's most easily observed eclipsing binaries.