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a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation

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We followed with interest the presentations on eclipsing binaries where it was recommended that particular stars be studied including AO Cas, CQ Cep and RT Lac.
Many contributions have been made to study and analyze the light curves of the X-ray eclipsing binaries, such as (Hutchings, 1978; Avni, 1978a; Antokhina and Cherpashchuk, 1987; Antokhina and Cherpashchuk 1994; Al-Wardat et al.
A further seventeen papers address eclipse-related issues of extra-solar physics, including solar and stellar eclipse mapping, line profiles during eclipse of binary stars, classification of eclipsing binaries, photometric and spectroscopic studies of the eclipsing binary, the light curve variation of the Be Star EM Cep, and determination of physical parameters of cataclysmic variables from analysis of their light curves.
org > Research Projects > Equatorial Eclipsing Binaries > CU Hydrae > Results.
We aim to analyse one hundred eclipsing binaries from the All Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) catalogue for variations in the times of their eclipses, which can possibly be due to the LTE.
Eclipsing binaries have orbital planes close to the observer's line of sight so that components eclipse each other with a consequent periodic change in the brightness of the system.
Middleton continued his collaboration with Smits by doing further observations of W UMa-type eclipsing binaries from Kyalami in Johannesburg.
Middleton continued his collaboration with Smits by doing observations of W UMa type eclipsing binaries.