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a German Roman Catholic theologian who was an indefatigable opponent of Martin Luther (1486-1543)

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Eck Industries has a long-running relationship with Alotech LLC, Brooklyn, Ohio, which is developing high property castings using a technique known as ablation.
The way Eck and Weiss tell it, Eck Industries wouldn't be in business without the success of its 200-series alloy programs.
While it has its hand in what seems like a lot of pies, Eck Industries is selective about the R&D projects it takes on.
Eck Industries rarely jumps into a project without another entity providing some funding.
Eck Industries' engineers were aware of the competing theories on how to castin nanoparticles, and they knew improved properties could be achieved in small batches.
How does Eck Industries know the market for these improved materials exists?
Most of Eck Industries' marketing comes via word of mouth.
I have heard numerous customers say they have tried other places, and they said take that to Eck," Weiss said.
It's a reputation that goes back to the tradition of 200-series success established by Robert Eck, Tyler's grandfather.
Today, Eck Industries' core competency has evolved into a variety of complex castings with high strength or soundness requirements.