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a German Roman Catholic theologian who was an indefatigable opponent of Martin Luther (1486-1543)

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Betty Eck shyly, slowly answered the call from McGread to get involved in the life of St.
The latest thing is the Lord's Diner," Betty Eck says.
After battling to a standoff a couple of times, Eck and Sever combine forces to go after the real villain - Gant, whose second in command, Ross, is played by Ray Park.
Along the way, Ecks and Sever will encounter numerous enemies including security guards, FBI agents, SWAT team members, NSA agents, and more.
Eck Industries specializes in casting 200-series alloys, coveted for their high strength both at room and elevated temperatures.
Over the years, Eck Industries has helped push research on 200-series alloys industry-wide, but the company doesn't do so for altruistic reasons.
The 200-series alloys aren't the only materials Eck Industries wants to improve.
Much of the alloy research Eck Industries performs is interrelated and draws on the original 200-series alloy work.
Using a 206 aluminum base, Eck Industries is helping a group of researchers find a commercially viable way to produce castings with nano-particles embedded in their microstructure.
In support of the Advanced Lightweight Casting Solutions (ALCS) program, Eck Industries is helping find ways to produce wrought alloys and metal matrix composites (MMCs) via metalcasting.
Eck Industries has a long-running relationship with Alotech LLC, Brooklyn, Ohio, which is developing high property castings using a technique known as ablation.