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a German Roman Catholic theologian who was an indefatigable opponent of Martin Luther (1486-1543)

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Scientists at ORNL, working with Eck Industries and researchers at DOE's Ames and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories, developed the Ce-Al alloy that is easy to work with, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and stable at high temperatures, which would make it ideal for automotive, aerospace, power generation, and other crucial applications.
It is a choice that patients ought to be able to make, a plan that enables them to benefit when they can choose to behave responsibly in a manner that enhances their own health and reduces their own chances of needing high-cost care, asserts Eck.
Right Wall Capital served as advisor to Van Eck Associates Corp.
When his wife said she couldn't understand what Eckersley was saying, Dunn figured it was time for an Eck App.
New York-based Van Eck declined to comment on the net asset value issue until after the Egyptian market has reopened.
with Professor Eck, who will address the audience by Digital Video Conference, and will be followed by a panel discussion
Let Eck manage and get on with it because with support from the board and fans he will turn out to be the best manager we have ever had.
Eck then left to manage Birmingham with the SFA plumping for George Burley as the new national coach rather than Souness.
Eck and made up of four newly appointed country leaders.
PPG Commercial Coatings has introduced ECK (Electrolysis Corrosion Kontrol), a patented compound designed to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion.
New York-based asset manager Van Eck Global has set up Market Vectors Vietnam ETF on the NYSE Arca.
The dead shark and its dead eye that washes up on the beach of the hospital after they've been evacuated is only one of countless lyrical images Eck uses to evoke the sense of total catastrophe that is always underfoot.
Eck managed the workflow for all three disciplines of the 2 BW Safety Office with 60 percent manning due to other PCS and TDYs while balancing short and long-term objectives to ensure mission accomplishment and continue the excellent safety services on which the 2 BW relied.
Eck says that many Wicked Local sites sell out of inventory, and in some cases advertisers have snapped up all the available positions on a particular site.
Van Eck divides her subject into three sections: theory, invention, and interpretation.