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any of a group of viruses associated with various diseases including viral meningitis and mild respiratory disorders and diarrhea in newborn infants

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In addition, AG7088 proved effective in inhibiting the replication in vitro of several other medically important viruses related to rhinovirus, including coxsackieviruses A21 and B3, as well as enterovirus 70 and echovirus 11.
For instance, in France and Spain, echovirus 11 and echovirus 6 are the predominant serotypes in patients with enterovirus respiratory infections (2,3).
EV-D94 (E210), EV-A76 (KAZ00-14550) (4,5), and a clinical isolate of echovirus 11 from Edinburgh (E-11) were used for seroprevalence studies.
The sequence of echovirus 11 was used as the outgroup.
6% homology with coxsackie virus A (CV-A), echovirus 11, and echovirus 30, respectively.