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a measuring instrument that sends out an acoustic pulse in water and measures distances in terms of the time for the echo of the pulse to return

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Note that at Almagrundet the measurements were performed using an upward-looking echosounder attached to the seabed in about 30 m deep area (Broman et al.
A post-processing technique to estimate the signal-to-noise ratio and remove echosounder background noise.
Geir Skogen, Sales Manager @ Kongsberg Maritime added, “We are pleased to launch the EM2040C Compact multibeam echosounder in the Middle East through the Underwater Technology User Seminar platform.
the former is found via brief "test" soakings, while the latter is located using an echosounder device) we classified these two associations as separate fishing strategies.
Acoustic mapping using a multibean echosounder reveals cold-water coral reefs and surrounding habitats.
By using boatmounted sonar technology and Echosounder analysis software ORNL researches potential sites for installment and examines the environmental impacts that result from MHK devices.
Near Cap Canaille, in shallow water (depth < 30 m), a bathymetric survey has been done by a CEREGE team with a differential real time kinematics GPS Trimble R8 and a monobeam Tritech PA500 echosounder with a resolution of a few metres across the coast and 10-20 m along the coast.
EM 2040 is the world's only true wideband high resolution Multibeam Echosounder system.
A team from the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM) at the University of New Hampshire used a multibeam echosounder mounted on a US Navy hydrographic ship to map the trench at a 100-metre resolution.
The scope of supply includes radars, electronic chart display and information system, high-speed autopilot, heading and speed sensors, echosounder, DGPS receiver and voyage data recorder.
Carrying an inflatable boat and camping equipment, two Global Positioning Systems (GPS), a Zip drive, an echosounder and a laptop computer, the team sets up camp tin the shore of each lake.