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The sound emission pattern of the echolocating bat, Eptesicus fuscus.
From spatial orientation to food acquisition in echolocating bats.
As a long-eared bat, Northern Myotis are low intensity echolocating bats and thus are expected to be underrepresented in echolocation surveys (Fenton and others 2001).
According to the researchers, echolocating bats minimize sound wave interference by tweaking the frequencies of the sounds they emit - their broadcasts - to detect and maneuver around obstacles.
The skeleton lacks all three bony features of the ear and throat that all of today's echolocating bats possess.
In a series of similar experiments, two such preparations with a small and a large katydid respectively, were positioned simultaneously next to each other (distance less than 10 cm), so that they perceived the same stimulation from echolocating bats.
Echolocating bats are surprisingly energy efficient in flight, report two zoologists, who believe their finding supports a controversial theory that some bats evolved from primates.
But at the same time the bat lacks the ear and throat features common to all echolocating bats.