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determining the location of something by measuring the time it takes for an echo to return from it

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bats) are echolocating insectivores; the majority of the rest are frugivores.
Nevertheless, the results convincingly demonstrate sufficiency--some sighted participants can achieve echolocating precision approaching that of an experienced echolocator who is blind.
Target Detection in Noise by Echolocating Dolphins in Sensory Abilities of Cetaceans, Laboratory and Field Evidence.
Echolocating, they send bursts of clicks outward; lower frequencies to rough objects out, higher frequencies to fill in the details.
Poetry paints nothing but it splashes color flushed, swooning, echolocating and often associated with flight .
Attack and defense: interactions between echolocating bats and their insect prey.
The scientists have received funding from the Office of Naval Research to do brain imaging work on echolocating dolphins to discover what parts of the brain are actively engaged in processing the echoes.
The high-pitched sounds they emit when echolocating are above the range of our human hearing.
Echolocating clicks pass through a fatty structure at the front of their skulls called the melon.
The skeleton lacks all three bony features of the ear and throat that all of today's echolocating bats possess.
Some echolocating species have close relatives that apparently possess the anatomical means to echolocate but don't use it, implying that avian echolocation is a behavior that some species simply haven't learned.