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determining the location of something by measuring the time it takes for an echo to return from it

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Other times, they don't rely on echo-location at all but instead "rake" the surface by dragging their claws in the water to snare any fish available, Kalko0 and her colleagues will report later this year in BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY AND SOCIOBIOLOGY.
R) kick off on Wednesday, August 2, with fascinating stories from around the world, including a 7-year-old body builder; a wolf family whose members are covered from head to toe with thick, dark hair; and a real-life "Bat Man," who has overcome his blindness by using the bat-like technique of echo-location.
They eat flying insects and hunt by echo-location using ultrasound emitted from pads in their mouths.
The device uses ultrasound and echo-location technology based on bats and dolphins, to help people to detect their surroundings.
The echo-location call of longeared bats is very quiet, so identifying them in the field can be difficult.