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Geum 'Queen of Orange' - Chiltern Seeds Echium piniana (blue) - Plant World Seeds Nigella papillosa Midnight - Thompson and Morgan
I already have lots of Echium pininana, with their towering blue-flowered spikes that reach about four metres, but I think I'll find room for this new variety.
In Echium and relatives the corolla and androecium are (obliquely) monosymmetric (Gfirke, 1893), and in some Echiochilon species the corolla is strongly monosymmetric (Langstrom & Oxelman, 2003).
2] and temperature on the leaf-miner Dialectica scalariella Zeller (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in Paterson's Curse, Echium plantagineum (Boraginaceae).
Technology Crops International (TCI) is a global leader in the evaluation, development, commercialization and delivery (supply chain management) of new and high-value strategic oils from oilseed crops such as high erucic acid rapeseed, high oleic sunflower, meadowfoam, cuphea, lesquerella, camelina and echium.
Oil from the seeds of Echium plantagineum is one the richest sources of essential fatty acids in the plant kingdom.
Delightful chalices are presented by Echium vulgare 'Blue Bedder'.
On one side of the garden, at the back of the border, are two dramatic 20ft tall flower stalks of echium pininana.
Botaneco, Calgary, AB, Canada, has signed a feasibility agreement with Croda Enterprise Technology, Edison, NJ, to evaluate the possibility of adding functionality to echium oil, a specialty oil containing omega 3 fatty acids.
Program Will Focus on Evaluation of Botaneco's Technology to add Functionality to Echium oil
Retrouve for Women and Retrouve for Men Echium Facial Line Reducer
Nordblom TL Smyth MJ Swirepik A Sheppard AW and Briese DT (2002) Benefit-cost analysis for biological control of Echium spp.
The purple flower Echium has been hailed as the "green Botox" for producing an oil that is as effective as a facelift.
And, above all, there is echium x wildprettii, a plant which I long to succeed with.
Some gardeners don't like to wear gloves, but it's definitely necessary when handling or pruning plants with sap that can burn, such as euphorbia, or those hairy plants, such as echium and fremontodendron which can irritate.