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Synonyms for echinate

full of sharp needlelike protuberances

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The distinguishing characters used were rhizome scales with denticulate claw-like teeth, upper surfaces of the rachises provided with clavate-glandular hairs, suprabasal pinnae with the pinnules arranged catadromically, and spores that are finely echinulate.
One of these characters--the echinulate perispore--can be compared to that of L.
which consists of those species with echinulate spores (Fig.
pulverulentum, but that species differs by much larger leaves (to 4 m long), the presence of glands, pinna rachis scales more strongly denticulate and often darkened apically, and echinulate spores.
3 mm long, 2- or 3-celled, spreading; indusia absent; spores echinulate.