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Notes on a new collection of fossil Echinoidea from Jamaica.
Crustaceans associated with Cnidaria, Bivalvia, Echinoidea and Pisces at Sao Tome and Principe islands.
The other sea otter foe is urchin harvesters, who covet the same members of the Echinoidea class that otters are known for gobbling in vast quantities.
The Echinodermata are represented by a number of groups: Crinoidea, represented by articulated calyxes and disarticulated columnals and brachials; Blastoidea, represented by columnals and calyxes, especially those of Pentremites conoideus; Echinoidea, represented by disarticulated interambulacral plates as well as several largely intact specimens; and Asteroidea, represented by one nearly complete specimen, as well as disarticulated dorsal plates from the same species.