Echinochloa crusgalli

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a coarse annual panic grass

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They evaluated the allelopathic potential of a-phenylacetic and p-ethoxybenzoic acids using Echinochloa crusgalli and Sesbania exaltata as test species.
It was found that average inhibition by the variety Duchungjong on Echinochloa crusgalli was 77.
According to this figure, if Echinochloa crusgalli and Polygonum avicular are being used, the satisfaction will be higher than using all three plants.
Table 1: Effects of any tows and all three trap plants Length of Number Weight back femur of eggs (g) Echinochloa crusgalli 21 40 3.
The most common grass species include Dactylis glomerata, Echinochloa crusgalli, Festuca elatior, Setaria glauca, and S.