barnyard grass

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Weeds, including three weeds, Malva neglecta, Echinochloa crus-galli and Sorghum halepense
Germinator temperature was considered at 20[degrees]C for weed Malva and 25[degrees]C for Echinochloa crus-galli and Sorghum halepense.
In this context, this study aimed to evaluate the allelopathic potential of aqueous extracts of young and mature leaves of Sapindus saponaria on the germination of diaspores and growth of seedlings of Echinochloa crus-galli (L.
Allelopathic rice for Echinochloa crus-galli control.
Rahman and Ungar (1994) determined that the distribution of Echinochloa crus-galli on a saline pond border was limited by salinity stress in the lower high-salinity zone and by competition with Atriplex prostrata in the upper low-salinity zone.