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large genus of low-growing shrubby ribbed cacti of Mexico and southwestern United States

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tetetzo * Caesalpinia S-J melanademia Castela tortuosa Eupatorium odoratum Mimosa luisana Pachycereus Olneya tesota S-J pringlei Prosopis articulata Stenocereus Haematoxylon S-J-A thurberi brasiletto Jatropha vernicosa Tecoma stans Trichocereus Aphyllocladus S-J-A atacamensis * spartoides Larrea divaricata Prosopis feros Barrel cacti Echinocereus Euphorbia -- conglomerates antisyphilitica Hamatocactus hamatacanthus Opunna leptocaulis E.
Pollination biology, distribution, and chemeotaxonomy of the Echinocereus enneacanthus complex (Cactaceae).
Echinocereus longisetus is cylindrical, 15-30 cm high and 5-7 cm wide (Bravo-Hollis and Sanchez-Mejorada, 1989).
Echinocereus longisetus is found in Coahuila and Nuevo Leon (Guzman et al.
Echinocereus longisetus had very low germination (4% [+ or -] 1.
The few taxonomic revisions of cacti that have been published in the last two decades include Zimmerman (1985) on Coryphantha, Taylor (1985) On Echinocereus and Taylor (1991) on Melocactus, Anderson (1987) on Thelocactus, Taylor and Zappi (1989) on tribe Cereeae, Kimnach (1993) on Disocactus, Leuenberger (1993) on Denmoza, Kattermann (1994) on Eriosyce, Zappi (1994) on Pilosocere us, Barthlott and Taylor (1995) on Rhipsalis, Luthy (1995) on Mammillaria, Lindsay (1996) on Ferocactus, and Nyffeler (1998) on Uebelmannia.
Coryphantha, Echinocactus, Epithelantha, Mammillaria, and Turbinicarpus), as well as species of Echinocereus.
2) (Gibson & Horak, 1978; Arreola, 2000; Terrazas & Loza-Cornejo, 2002) and have not been observed in any other member of Cactoideae, with the exception of Echinocereus pensilis (K.
Functional dioecy in Echinocereus coccineus (Cactaceae): Breeding system, sex ratios and geographical range of floral dimorphism.
asterias, Coryhantha robertii, Echinocactus texensis, Echinocereus enneacanthus, Echinocereus pentalophus, Echinocereus reichenbachii var.
Pollination biology, distribution, and chemotaxonomy of the Echinocereus enneacanthus complex (Cactaceae).
Pollination of Echinocereus fasciculatus and Ferocactus wislizenii.
McAuliffe (1984b) also found that young barrel-shaped cacti (Mammillaria microcarpa and Echinocereus englemannii) were much more common under live and dead Opuntia fulgida, where they were protected from herbivores by the accumulation of spine-covered stem joints falling from the nurse plant.
Opuntia phaeacantha, Echinocereus caespitosus, Yucca rupicola, Dasylirion texanum and Mammillaria vivipara were considered succulents.