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the branch of theology concerned with the nature and the constitution and the functions of a church

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The fact that Father Komonchak was there, probably the best of the American ecclesiologists, the fact that Father Dulles was at the time teaching there, and the fact that Fr.
Augustus Welby Pugin (1812-1852), architect and Anglican ecclesiologist, is a name that figures prominently in the history of ecumenism in England.
Championed by such notables as Swiss theologian Hans Kung, French ecclesiologist Yves Congar, and German theologian Karl Rahner, and with Gaudium et Spes as their manifesto, they sought to humanize Catholicism and formulate new theology that expressed what they perceived to be an evolution of Christianity.
The official journal of the movement was the Ecclesiologist, which appeared for the most part bimonthly between 1841 and 1869; not surprisingly, given that the concerns of the movement encompassed all aspects of what was routinely termed "the science of Christian aesthetics," it included a good deal on the place of music in worship and the forms it should take.
Nor does she refer to relevant periodicals, such as The Parish Choir or The Ecclesiologist, which were central to the development of the Anglican plainchant revival.
Santiago Madrigal, ecclesiologist at Madrid's Pontifical University Comillas;
While much more can be said of Gros's remarkably productive accomplishment as an ecumenical historian, theologian, ecclesiologist, and educator, I must leave that for another occasion.
For a detailed description of "frame" construction, see William Grey, "The Ecclesiology of Newfoundland," The Ecclesiologist XIV (June 1853): 157.
Robeck's volume will be an important supplement to any course in history, while Macchia's work will be of particular interest to the ecclesiologist, pneumatologist or general systematic theologian.
all working together as one for the good of the whole," says ecclesiologist Father Richard P.
The theologian who contributed most to this discussion in recent times is undoubtedly the great Dominican ecclesiologist, Yves Congar (1904-1995).
But he should also be remembered as a great ecclesiologist.
I am neither a trained ecumenical theologian or ecclesiologist, nor a professional ecumenist.
1) In contrast to Raiser's evaluations, Catholic ecumenist and ecclesiologist Catherine Clifford confidently asserts her optimism: "This is a moment to learn from the methods and achievements of the dialogues to date, to build upon them rather than discard their accomplishments.
Paul Fitzgerald, an ecclesiologist and senior vice president at Fairfield University diocesan synods are prayerful conversations in the local church, guided by the Holy Spirit, to read the signs of the times and address issues confronting the church.