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a political unit governed by a deity (or by officials thought to be divinely guided)

the belief in government by divine guidance

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The Cathedral, the Florentine Church, and Ecclesiastical Government in the Early Fifteenth Century.
During the late 1660s and early 1670s the development of an ecclesiastical government, coupled with its complete adoption of George Fox's Peace Testimony, tempered and shaped the direction, though not the intensity of Quaker dissent.
In 1640-1642, according to Jackson, Hobbes's rejection of jure divino episcopacy placed him on the side of the puritan opponents of episcopacy, and thus made him no "royalist" because he opposed the ecclesiastical government of his sovereign (57).
They differed on their preferred candidate as Elizabeth's successor to the English throne, appropriate ecclesiastical government for England, the establishment of a modus vivendi with the English government, and the importance of the Jesuit mission.
On the conference's second day, for example, the Puritan signers of the Millenary Petition were equated with the infamous Thomas Cartwright, whose public crusade in the 1570s to make civil authority subservient to ecclesiastical authority - and especially to the only form of ecclesiastical government sanctioned by scripture (Presbyterian) - had given the Puritan efforts at reform their first definitive political orientation.