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Synonyms for vestment

clothing worn by members of a religious order


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gown (especially ceremonial garments) worn by the clergy

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Revelations from Coventry has been designing and manufacturing ecclesiastical vestments, garments and furnishings for 25 years.
Mayo, "the moneys acquired from fines for sins against God were to be spent according to the discretion of the bishop on the relief of the poor, the repair of the churches and ecclesiastical vestments (amongst other things) but never on any worldly vanities.
fragments, 15th-century ecclesiastical vestments, pre-Colombia
Both in terms of style and embroidery, garments of Christ came to resemble ecclesiastical vestments.
Other textiles include ecclesiastical vestments from the late 16th century, Navajo rugs, tapestries from the 15th century, and linen sheets and towels from ancient Egypt.
Inside it, the curious onlookers discovered the upper part of a man's skull, part of a jawbone with two teeth set in it, some further fragments of bone and the decayed remnants of ecclesiastical vestments.
The novella's symmetrical construction - the glorious are humbled, the humbled are made glorious - is pointed out by its narrator (185), and the remaining antinomies (the convent as a hell instead of a way to heaven, the ecclesiastical vestments and honors covering a sinful, diabolical interior) can be read as the logic and theology of pre-Reformation evangelism and anti-clericalism.