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Synonyms for Ecclesiastes

an Old Testament book consisting of reflections on the vanity of human life

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Ecclesiastes sive de ratione concionandi I, translated by James L.
If you read over Ecclesiastes carefully, and by the way, the reason so many of you are called "ecclesiastics" is because you are people who bring others together in congregation for purposes of worship and learning.
In the opinion of Gordis (Robert Gordis, Koheleth, the man and his world: A Study of Ecclesiastes [third ed.
For example, consider Ecclesiastes 5:10, "As the bounty increases so increase the consumers thereof.
For Everything There Is a Season" is a setting of the familiar text from Ecclesiastes.
Ecclesiastes 3 tells us: "To everything there is a season.
These lines resonate with the following verses from Ecclesiastes (in the King James version):
1] Considered the third of the "scrolls" of the Hebrew Bible, Ecclesiastes reflects on the uncertainty of life.
There is also a lack of clarity in the explanation of the derivation of Ecclesiastes (40, n.
Their titles are derived from a Bible passage, in Ecclesiastes, in which all earthly attainments are dismissed as vanity.
These two minority reporters, the writers of Job and Ecclesiastes, were frankly unconvinced that "God's in his heaven/ All's right with the world
Burke of Worcester; 5 brothers, Bruce and Dana Bannister, Steven Bannister and his wife Pinky, Arthur and Phillip Baxter; 3 sisters, Linda Baxter, Bertha Fabrizi and her husband Michael and Brenda Jankowski and her husband Kenny, along with their loving families; 7 children, Michael Cann and his wife Lisa, Christopher Cann and his wife Jessica, Linda Hall and her husband Ecclesiastes, Kevin Cann, Gayle Ocasio and her husband Xavier, all of Worcester; Brandy Lopez and her husband Frank and Maryanne Cann, all of Webster.
The reason, however, that I quite definitely like Ecclesiastes, the reason, indeed, that it makes me laugh again and again with its decisive conclusion that life is meaningless, is because accepting that no real sense can be made by humans of our earthly existence feels so close to the way that things really feel that if s actually quite a relief to be told it bv someone verv wise.
Consider the explanation of the rain cycle in the Book of Ecclesiastes or the description of the Earth as a circle in Isaiah, long before the days of Columbus.
Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days," goes the famous saying from the eleventh chapter of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes.