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Synonyms for Ecclesiastes

an Old Testament book consisting of reflections on the vanity of human life

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9) Ecclesiastes 8:13 does not mention the hote, and in 8:12 oseh ra would be superfluous if hote necessarily means "sinner.
The story tastes like Ecclesiastes but has enough sugar added to help it go down.
He discovered Ecclesiastes when it was an answer in a crossword puzzle.
Until now the Book of Ecclesiastes has been very problematic for me.
Ecclesiastes 9, 10 IT IS no exaggeration to say that even the poorest and weakest among us could do an absolutely phenomenal amount of good if we put our mind to it, put our hand to it, and put our heart right into it.
He looks at Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, compares instruction in Egyptian texts and Dead Sea Scrolls, and considers Ben Sira's apologetic response.
The mood of lament also lies heavy on the heart of the Preacher in Ecclesiastes.
Mr Blair, who arrived with wife Cherie, read from Ecclesiastes 44:1-15, which begins: 'Let us sing the praises of famous men, our ancestors in their generations.
Along with his (fragmented) commentaries on Genesis and Psalms and the lost ones on Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs, this undermines modern criticism of his supposed neglect of Biblical scholarship.
prose and poetry, the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes contains a treasury
In Ecclesiastes 7 we read 'The end of anything is better than it's beginning.
86) Lastly, Erasmus explicitly contrasts Hollanders with Gueldrians in Ecclesiastes (1535): listing national vices -- for the use of preachers -- he not surprisingly refers to the cunning ("astutia") of Gueldrians while calling Hollanders naive and simple-minded (briefly, bot: "simplicitas").
He writes that "Pop" is the book of Ecclesiastes "being made into song to live among us.
In the books of Job, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Sirach, and the Wisdom of Solomon, biblical authors discuss and offer advice on a wide range of topics, passing on the accumulated wisdom and experience of those who have come before to anyone who has the humility, prudence, and good sense to listen.
Fox lovingly and with great erudition has pored over every word of the Hebrew text of Ecclesiastes and produced an exciting commentary.