Eccles cake

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a flat round cake of sweetened pastry filled with dried fruit

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Opinions differ on the definitive recipe, but some key ingredients differentiate the Eccles cake from similar products such as Chorley cakes and Banbury cakes.
The Eccles cake is a great way to show off the clean flavours, adding a lovely buttery crunch to the fruit, especially when paired with a little dairy of some kind, whether it's a drizzle of chilled single cream, a wedge of sharp cheese, or a scoop of rich ice-cream.
More than half (54 per cent) of the teenagers had never tried Eccles cake while 49 per cent had never tasted clotted cream.
The Eccles Cake recipe dates back to the 1800s and has stood the test of time so it seemed like a great traditional recipe base that we could adapt for the coffee shop.
Its like watching Jane Horrocks playing Bubble in Absolutely Fabulous while having handfuls of Eccles cake wedged in your ears.
North East bakery Greggs has dropped the Eccles cake from its menu of pastry delights.
WHEN ENGLAND PLAYED FRANCE I put out a Bourbon biscuit and an Eccles cake, and he ate the Eccles first, then the I interpreted that as a 1-1 draw after England took the lead.
My first thought was for a tart, or tartlets, but then my mind leapt to the idea of an Eccles cake, and in a trice I'd remembered an old recipe we used to cook at Leith's School Of Food & Wine, my alma mater.
We didn't have room for dessert but puddings on offer included a homemade cherry Eccles cake, custard tart and three local chutney cheeses, all for around pounds 5.
Not teenagers: Steak and kidney pie, clotted cream and Eccles cake are all virtually off the menu for youngsters, according to Sainsbury's.
Puddings of spotted dick and custard or Eccles cake and cheese rounded