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(telecommunication) a coding system that incorporates extra parity bits in order to detect errors

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I have always aspired to become an OB/GYN and ECC has provided me with the solid academic foundation I needed to move forward in my journey.
The ECC also approved determination and notification of UCH-II Gas Price, as agreed under Gas Pricing Agreement (GPA) by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority under the OGRA Ordinance, 2002.
The ECC will continuously assist workers with benefits and services in the event of work-related sickness, injury, or death,' she added.
The ECC also allowed marketing of diesel oil conforming to EURO-IV and
ECC mixtures are mixed in a standard portable laboratory mixer.
Symantec believes this is the first certificate authority to actually offer ECC SSL certificates, but Entrust also markets what it calls a"hybrid" ECC certificate productas a somewhat future-oriented technology, noting that some older browsers wouldn't support ECC.
Gage and coworkers are authors of the latest ECC investigation, a data analysis from a regional health system in Canada that performs colposcopically guided biopsy and ECC on all outpatients undergoing colposcopy examination.
To date, no ethical concern has been referred to our committee, and "no business" for the ECC is a very good problem to have
Bush, calling on the Administration to implement the NAFTA ECC ruling and to adhere to the international agreements that the U.
The ECC permitted procurement of goods and services as per the provisions of the Framework Arrangement and Export-Import Bank of Korea Guidelines.
The ECC allowed Finance Division to issue sovereign Sukuk in the international capital markets,' said a press statement issued by the Finance Ministry after the ECC meeting which was chaired by Finance Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar.
The ECC of the Cabinet met here today under the Chairmanship of the Federal Minister for Finance, Revenue, Statistics, Economic Affairs and Privatization, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar.