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(telecommunication) a coding system that incorporates extra parity bits in order to detect errors

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Instead, they might consider disbanding it and concentrating their efforts on a more didactic strategy of disseminating the Code of Ethics throughout the membership of MTNA, free of a harsher punitive approach or stance, which the formation of such an ECC will only succeed in perpetrating.
The ECC held a lengthy discussion on the subject and analyzed different aspects of the said proposal.
Established in 1985, ECC is an employee-owned company that provides a complete range of services to support its clients' missions, including engineering, design-build, construction, environmental remediation, energy, and munitions response capabilities.
Shabi Asghar, ECC Capital's President and Co-CEO, said, "As part of the Bear Stearns team, the Encore Credit sales force can now expect to have access to more competitive loan pricing, to have a broader product menu and to be integrated into Bear Stearns' state-of-the-art production platform technology, which will provide our brokers with greater efficiency and service.
Entrust fully supports the growth and innovation of ECC technology and all that it will enable," said Conner.
While serving on the ECC executive board," said Walters, "I hope to use the knowledge and understanding I've gained from my work in the process industries to help organizations meet today's plant engineering information challenges.
Since 2000, ECC has been providing environmental remediation, construction, and disaster response services in Guam for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency, and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
Working under four separate ID/IQ contracts, ECC has executed more than 156 task orders valued at over $1.
the first to use the new AMD Opteron 100 Series with ECC unbuffered memory support, recently, announced the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation, based on the new processors.
This distribution and the prior distribution on March 21, 2008 were the result of one time events and changes in ECC Capital's perspective.
As a recipient of the award, ECC demonstrated a strong commitment to small businesses through contract utilization and effectiveness, mentoring and outreach events, internal corporate policies and management support, and charitable giving.
Vohra, PE, ECC's President & CEO, states, "The ECC family values safety and health.
ECC will provide a wide range of environmental remediation services under performance based statements of work to clean up hazardous, toxic waste (HTW) sites in support of the USACE Baltimore District and its customers.