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Synonyms for oxytocic

a drug that induces labor by stimulating contractions of the muscles of the uterus

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She was given the ecbolic at the request of officials at the home in January 1991 at a Sendai maternity clinic after a doctor there told them it was difficult to perform abortions after four months of pregnancy, the employee said.
Other factors associated with occurrence of uterine torsion include late stage pregnancy, labour, ecbolic therapy, conditions resulting in fluid distension of uterus (eg.
4 Ecbolic (helping to increase contractions and so uterine facilitate delivery), irregular menstruation, wound, appetizer, blood dysentery.
Saha JC, Savini EC, Kasinathan S (1961) Ecbolic properties of Indian medicinal plants.
Pre-partum herbal ecbolic administration is possible way to effect prompt placental expulsion after parturition.
Hence uterine ecbolic was used to bring quicker uterine involution to prevent further complication.
12 Whole plant Tuberculosis, constipation, helminthiasis, cooling, leucoderma, ecbolic (a drug that increases uterine contractions and facilitates delivery), fever.