European Central Bank

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the central bank of those members of the European Union who share a common currency

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Having only discussed rate cuts at its last meeting, the ECB may now proceed from words to deeds and cut the refi rate to 0.
However, he or she would then have up to 90 days from the notice of default to contact ECB and request that the default judgment be re-opened, so that a new hearing date could be set for the matter.
On Wednesday it had weakened 1pc and traders fully priced in a quarter-percentage point cut in ECB rates this year after Mersch gave a downbeat view of growth prospects.
Analysts said these factors - coupled with a lack of dissenting voices on the ECB Governing Council - have persuaded financial markets in recent days that the ECB is heading faster than previously expected toward an official interest rate of three per cent, or even 3.
WolfPrix's team (in collaboration with structural engineer Klaus Bollinger and services engineer Brian Cody from Arup Berlin) has so far convinced the ECB with its integrated and interesting play of volumes.
Keeney also said that the new communications system and increased network capacity was especially important as ECB continues expanding its operations -- ECB recently opened new facilities in Morehead City and Wilmington, N.
The ECB also left unchanged the interest rates on the marginal lending facility and the deposit facility, which form a corridor for the key rate, at 5.
Adherents say the ECB will be as tough or tougher than the EU central banks it supersedes.
In making large-scale purchases of sovereign bonds, the ECB has (belatedly) joined the three other major central banks (the Japanese, UK and US central banks), which had resorted to QE after they ran out of room to reduce interest rates any further.
ECB Governing Council member, Ewald Nowotny, said that the ECB had limited scope for more action aimed at invigorating the eurozone economy.
Instead of entering all loan values obtained in the Asset Quality Review (AVR) that ends this month into its stress test, officials will apply a "materiality threshold" to ensure only significant results are incorporated, according to a draft ECB document seen by Bloomberg News.
The ECB is taking on the responsibility of policing banks in the European Union and wants to know what shape they are in before it does so.
A leader of Germany's Free Democrats wants the ECB president to attend a court hearing on the bank's role in the euro zone crisis, a newspaper said on Friday, but the ECB defended its plan to send someone else.
The ECB will issue its first economic forecasts for 2014 in its staff projections and economists expect the bank to downgrade its outlook for 2013, following a similar move by the European Commission in November.
Speaking to club and team officials of the Abu Dhabi Cricket Council, ECB CEO Dilawar Mani said different teams for four-day (played by Associate nations), 50-over and Twenty20 cricket will be selected.