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a river in northeastern Spain

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in two large areas of the Ebro valley (Spain) using the GADA methodology, in order to improve estimate of dominant height growth and to compare the reference age and range of the fitted curves with those of the existing models for the species.
The study was conducted in an area of approximately 40 000 ha in the central Ebro valley (which includes parts of the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca, in northeast Spain) where Pinus halepensis is naturally distributed (Fig.
The site index curves developed for Pinus halepensis in this study are valid for a large area of the Ebro valley, and they were compared with other site index models already developed for the species in other parts of Spain by Pita (1965), Erviti (1991) and Montero et al.
The flow is intensified due to the pressure gradient over the Ebro valley (Jimenez et al.
They tend to be locations well exposed to the winds, like the mountain tops or hills in the Ebro valley (Fig.
2004 Ysios Reserva:More gorgeous tempranillo, this time from vineyards in Rioja's Ebro Valley.
Surrounded by ancient walls, La Suda Castle towers above the old quarter and is a fine viewpoint over the town, the nearby mountains and the Ebro Valley.