Ebro River

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a river in northeastern Spain


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Now the element of surprise was gone, and the Canadians west of the Ebro River found themselves behind nationalist lines with dwindling rations and no support or reinforcements.
Later that day, Leo Blockley, 21, drowned when his boat was swamped in a storm on the Ebro river near Barcelona.
Along Spain's Ebro River delta, for example, engineers have trucked in more than 110 million tons of sediment since 1983 to replenish beaches.
Dumping controversial plans to transfer water from the northern Ebro river basin to southern Spain, the Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero government has also proposed making improvements to existing water facilities and better exploiting groundwater reserves.
Entomologic investigation on anophelism in the Ebro River delta].
Dominio de Conte Reserva Amazing wine from a Rioja Alta's most ideal individual site on a horseshoe bend of the Ebro river which allows the grapes to obtain phenomenal levels of sugar, extract and acidity.
Anti-fascist volunteer fighters from Wales were among thousands who were killed in the Battle of Ebro River in 1939.
She is joining protesters at the Ebro River delta, midway between Barcelona and Valencia on the Mediterranean coast.
In Spain, two 13-year-olds, Judith Perez and Miriam Burgues Florez, organize a children's crusade to save the Ebro River.
This company has four modern plants producing a broad range of vegetables from the fertile lands watered by the Ebro River and its tributaries.
Annual safety management of state-owned dams of the Ebro River Basin.
From the murder of poet Federico Garcia Lorca by fascists at the onset of Franco's coup to Ernest Hemingway's experiences with the international brigades on the front lines along the Ebro river, this volume chronologically retells the story of the Spanish Civil War through the experiences of writers, artists, and musicians involved in the conflict, mostly on the republican/leftist side of the conflict.