Ebro River

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a river in northeastern Spain


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in 2006 Identified about the main contamination sources of heavy metals, organic compounds and other physicochemical parameters in Ebro river surface waters and the description of their temporal and spatial distributions, are analyzed using Chemometrics and geostatistical methods.
The map shows that the Ebro River of six million years ago eroded and penetrated up to 1,300 metres into the continental margin.
However, the Ebro river cannot be compared with either the Rhone or with the Nile rivers because both of these two had well-developed fluvial networks draining extensive drainage basins before the Messinian Salinity Crisis, probably at least since the early Miocene (Besson et al.
The researchers' models predict the southern limit of the modern human territory to be near the Ebro River Valley in northern Spain during the preceding cold period called Heinrich Event 4 (H4), and that this southern boundary moved to the south during the more temperate phase GI8.
One resident told Al Jazeera: "We shouldn't be giving our water because when we needed water no one suggested bringing water from the Ebro River for us, and Andalucia has always been one of the driest provinces.
Thousands of republican troops slipped into wooden and inflatable boats and silently rowed to the far banks of the Ebro River.
The pipe was intended to feed water into the Catalan capital's system from the Ebro River to the south-west until a desalination plant is completed next May.
The centrepiece of the controversial plan was a 912km pipeline stretching from the Ebro river in the north to the south and east of the country.
2003) : "The Ebro river diversion Plan, environmental considerations" 3 pages www.
Later that day, Leo Blockley, 21, drowned when his boat was swamped in a storm on the Ebro river near Barcelona.
Along Spain's Ebro River delta, for example, engineers have trucked in more than 110 million tons of sediment since 1983 to replenish beaches.
Dumping controversial plans to transfer water from the northern Ebro river basin to southern Spain, the Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero government has also proposed making improvements to existing water facilities and better exploiting groundwater reserves.
He found that the more than 100 proposed new dams would flood villagers' homes, displace mussel and rice farmers, and damage the biologically rich Ebro River delta, a nature park frequented by night u herons and flamingos.
Entomologic investigation on anophelism in the Ebro River delta].