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a river in northeastern Spain

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Tortosa, capital of the Ebre Valley, has a fine 12th century cathedral and La Suda, an old castle glowering from behind its battlements.
Enquete sur 7 000 ans d'evolution de leurs industries lithiques entre Rhone et Ebre.
Captivating Catalonia The Terres de l'Ebre region takes in Catalonia's four southern-most counties - Baix Ebre, Montsia, Terra Alta and Ribera d'Ebre.
The Mequinenza (8-Me) coal-bearing sequence is included in Los Monegros Lacustrine System (SE Ebre basin) and it was deposited during late Oligocene (ca.
Purchased by EBRE in 2009, Biomass Energy is Virginia's largest wood chip and pellet production operation.