Ebola virus

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a filovirus that causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever

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The monkeys then were delivered to USAMRIID, where they were injected with an Ebola virus strain obtained from a fatally infected person from the former Zaire in 1995.
AVI and USAMRIID have previously reported success using NEUGENE PLUS therapeutic antisense compounds in the treatment of mice, guinea pigs and nonhuman primates (NHP) exposed to the Ebola virus and in mice and guinea pigs exposed to the Marburg virus.
Per program protocol, his semen was tested every 4 weeks for Ebola virus by RT-PCR using described methods (2).
Timeline of events for patients A and B in the Tonkolili cluster of Ebola virus disease (Ebola)--Sierra Leone, December 2015-February 2016 December 2015 28 Patient A traveled from Port Loko to Kambia January 2016 3 Onset of illness in patient A in Kambia 7 Patient A travelled from Kambia to Bombali by car, then from Bombali to Tonkolili by motorbike, visited a traditional healer in Tonkolili 9 Patient A examined as hospital outpatient then traveled from Tonkolili to Bombali 10 Patient A traveled from Bombali back to Tonkolili 11 Patient A visited traditional healer in Tonkolili 12 Patient A died in Tonkolili; buccal swab collected and traditional burial performed 19 Patient B onset of illness in Tonkolili February 2016 5 Patient B discharged from Ebola Treatment Unit
WHO and partners are working with the governments of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea to help ensure that survivors have access to medical and psychosocial care, screening for persistent virus, and counselling and education to help them reintegrate into family and community life, reduce stigma, and minimize the risk of Ebola virus transmission.
Social media tools could be used effectively as surveillance response mechanisms for improving the detection of, preparedness for, and response to Ebola virus outbreaks, as a complement to traditional, field, work-based surveillance approach, according to a study.
6) The Ebola virus is spread from person to person through direct contact with blood or bodily fluids from an infected individual who has developed disease symptoms.
Davey and his team have been working for more than five years on identifying and finding therapy targets for Ebola virus disease.
With DFATD~s support, Oxfam Quebec is helping to reduce and control the spread of the Ebola virus in Liberia.
A joint statement issued by the WHO and the National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination (NHSRC) said the victim was not suffering from Ebola, and that reports that he may have contracted the deadly Ebola virus during a trip to Africa were incorrect.
He said the death rate for those infected by Ebola virus had surged to 90 per cent.
Zmapp, an experimental therapeutic cocktail of three humanised GP monoclonal antibodies, has been utilised in some Ebola patients to neutralise the Ebola virus.
ISLAMABAD -- President Mamnoon Hussain has sought a report from the chief secretaries of all the provinces about the measures taken so far to cope with Ebola virus.
Coming of deadly Ebola virus is expected in Russia by the end of this month, MP Esengul Isakov (Ar Namys) said at the meeting of the parliamentary committee on agrarian policy, water resources, environment and regional development on October 13.
Peter Piot, co-discoverer of the Ebola virus, says researchers must "push through" with the full development of drugs and vaccines even after the last patient in the current outbreak been treated and attention has faded.