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a severe and often fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates (monkeys and chimpanzees) caused by the Ebola virus

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In this study, investigators from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, and from Thomas Jefferson University infected four female and eight male macaques with the Makona variant of Ebola virus, the variant responsible for the recent West Africa outbreak.
Ebola RNA persistence in semen of Ebola virus disease survivors--final report.
Ebola-related KAP assessments were conducted in Sierra Leone (4), Liberia (5), Nigeria (6), and in one region in Guinea (7) during Ebola epidemics in 2014-2015.
scientists say they see promising results for a safe Ebola vaccine according to data published this week (https://medicalxpress.
Published in August in The Lancet Global Health, the findings are based on data from Liberia's Men's Health Screening Program, the first national semen testing program for Ebola virus and the largest analysis to date to examine Ebola virus survival in male patients.
As part of the Liberia MHSP male Ebola survivors ages 15 and older can enroll and have their semen tested monthly.
Representing Ebola" concludes by noting that while many West African leaders appreciated the billions of dollars of promised aid that would flow toward this region in the wake of the Ebola outbreak real "health security" measures have to involve longer term infrastructural changes.
The potential exists for the emergence of a new form of Ebola virus, according to research published in Scientific Reports.
The 2014 Ebola epidemic threatened havoc in West Africa, undermining the recovery and wellbeing of the postconflict states of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia while also bringing attention to how the affluent world is not immune to diseases in the global South in the context of a worldwide economy.
These funds will be utilised for the study and discovery of antibodies against Ebola virus and to identify how they prevent Ebola virus infection, allowing for the development of Ebola therapeutics and vaccines.
A PATIENT being tested for the deadly Ebola virus at the Royal Liverpool Hospital is "very unlikely" to have the disease, a health chief said.
Ebola relies on a molecular "inside man" to sneak into cells.
Nearly 100% of pregnant women infected with Ebola die.
BRUSSELS, May 9 (KUNA) -- The EU Saturday expressed happiness over the declaration by the World Health Organization today on the end of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.
US-based diagnostic test developer Cepheid (NASDAQ: CPHD) has received Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration for Xpert Ebola, a molecular diagnostic test for Ebola Zaire Virus that delivers results in less than two hours.