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capital and largest city and major port of the Irish Republic

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collected data and concluded that, although the Eblana #1 well had not
Recoverable oil for the immediate area of the Eblana #1 well (P50) was
of data collection from the Eblana #1 well undertaken by the Company
to establish the direction of 'updip' from Eblana #1 and, at
Magnetic surveys of the area immediately around the Eblana #1 well was
A Geochemical survey local to the area of the Eblana #1 well.
direction of 'updip' from the Eblana #1 exploration well, to
target of the Eblana #1 well, now appears to extend South to South-West
the Eblana #1 well with the aim of reducing uncertainty concerning the
Profile (VSP) survey from the Eblana #1 well may also be implemented,
Eblana chief executive James O'Gorman said: "This major investment is a milestone in Eblana's evolution in supplying high-quality laser products for use in cost sensitive Access applications.
Palomar Technologies announces that Eblana Photonics, Dublin, Ireland, has purchased an LDA (Laser Diode Attach) automated assembly cell for use in Eblana's integrated volume manufacturing of laser components for broadband access applications.
Eblana serves the demands of the metro and access market sectors for high quality components delivered in volume with its proprietary technology platform that enables the requisite large scale manufacturing efficiencies.
Eblana produces laser diode products using a technology platform that exploits photonic bandgap approaches for high performance laser component production.
Furthermore since regrowth processes are not required, the Eblana process allows outsourcing of wafer growth and device fabrication to best of breed contract manufacturers and foundries in the optoelectronics and microelectronics sectors.