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Synonyms for tide

tide someone over


Synonyms for tide

something suggestive of running water

Synonyms for tide

something that may increase or decrease (like the tides of the sea)

there are usually two high and two low tides each day

rise or move forward

cause to float with the tide

be carried with the tide

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The treated effluent was meant to have been held in a tank and discharged into the Afon Cefni at Malltraeth twice a day shortly after high water to ensure it was diluted and taken away by the ebbing tide.
Helmsman Wilkinson said after the rescue: "With an ebbing tide and a south easterly wind it was difficult to steady the lifeboat near to the rocks to get the injured man stretchered and safely on-board.
This could be switched on by the rising tide and switched off by the ebbing tide.
Alan Sharp, press officer for Llandudno RNLI said: "The men, understood to be visitors, had put their small craft into the water near the pier, but soon hit problems when they found themselves struggling to make headway rowing against a strong offshore wind and ebbing tide.
He closed his eyes and felt the rushing air, The whispered secrets of his ebbing tide.
She was being pushed underneath the boat by the ebbing tide.
WARM SILENCE WE walked a mile just you and me Along the beach beside the sea We did not speak we just held hands Inhaled the smell of the salt-washed breeze Set free our minds with the ebbing tide Let the sun kiss our faces - it feels warm and so kind Like the promise of a pleasure that is secret just to us As we walk words have no meaning We just hold hands And know that this mile by the water Speaks the words of the pleasure Captured in the silence Known only to us.
It took rescue crews from Flint RNLI four attempts to release it in ebbing tide.
Conditions were deteriorating and a force seven northerly wind was blowing which, with the ebbing tide, was causing some rough seas.
Mr Nield said dinghies can mean different things - a pounds 10 craft from a petrol station to a sea-going vessel, and added: "People don't appreciate an offshore breeze and an ebbing tide.
A water level switch could activate a circuit and an ebbing tide to switch the lights off.
Stewart Ford took a bag of seven cod for 37lb 8oz from the Boat Station Prom, including fish of 10-2-0, 6-5-0, 6-4-0, 5-2-0 and 4-7-0, all on lugworm on an ebbing tide.