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a town in west central Wisconsin

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Charter Bank is an independently owned community bank headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
CURT employs hundreds of associates, primarily at their manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters which is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
The company said that this network enhancement adds new layers of capacity, also known as 'carriers', to 24 cell sites throughout Eau Claire to more efficiently manage available spectrum and increase mobile broadband capacity.
Supervisor Sue Miller told the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram that she recalled offering a non-religious invocation, but was asked by another board member why her comments did not include references to God or Jesus.
Eau Claire is only about sixty miles away but, with a population exceeding 20,000, it may as well have been a different country for the young Grimes.
4-5: 45th Annual Eau Claire Farm Show, Eau Claire, WI; Contact: 715/289-4632.
I have probably written a million words for publication, and the word from my oldest friends is that my work is getting better, thanks, I might add, to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire office for Services for Students with Disabilities and the staff members who insisted that I get a full evaluation of my strengths and weakness, and directed me towards services which make those things that are hard for me possible, to feel this way at my age is a real hoot.
I managed only ten minutes on the line at Eau Claire because it was about 20 degrees out, and my ears were getting red.
But the setting of this particular bookshelf is not a university at all; it's Eau Claire Memorial High School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin--one of only a handful of public high schools in the United States that offers an independent philosophy curriculum.
Douglas Olson, a professor with the Health Care Administration Program at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Wis.
These and about 50 other children and young adults from grades K-12 in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area recently participated in the Learning Enhancement And Progression (LEAP) clinic, a university-community collaborative partnership.
Through its studios in Eau Claire, Wisconsin," its promotional materials read, "KRM broadcasts more than 60 events each month.
The commitment reportedly fits into RMED's new growth strategy that began with the expansion of its Eau Claire, WI facility.
But the magic went away last year for Dadco Diversified, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, which closed its doors in November after having gone into bankruptcy in May.
It divides the nation into 32 "marketing areas," with prices and subsidies that vary depending upon the use of the milk (fluid, cheese, butter) and - believe it or not - the distance between the cow and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.