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9-11] Therefore this study aims to study the association between time spent on the internet, body image satisfaction and eating behaviors.
Cooley, Toray, Valdez, and Tee (2007) established that there is a positive relationship between inappropriate eating behavior and reassurance seeking.
A new method in investigation of obesity-related eating behaviors 'three-factor eating questionnaire.
Eating behavior correlates of adult weight gain and obesity in healthy women aged 55-65 y.
External factors may influence eating behavior (see Wansink, 2004, for a review).
Eating Behavior of the respondents was assessed using the Eating Behavior Questionnaire (EBQ) [20] which was developed to examine how eating style contributed to body weight.
Objective: To develop a model of eating behavior control in obese adolescents based on individual belief and ideal body image.
Many find themselves engaging in disordered eating behaviors in efforts to try to lose unwanted weight and achieve a culturally-defined "ideal" body image (Gamer & Kearney-Cooke, 1996).
The second hypothesis was to verify if Paroxetine and Venlafaxine treatments were equally effective on impulse regulation, eating behavior and on personality characteristics.
Conversely, models shown to be less impulsive demonstrated the ability to appropriately control impulsive behavior and did not show abnormal eating behavior when exposed to the sugary diet.
This night eating behavior was linked to lower adherence to diet exercise and glucose monitoring and increased depressed mood; it produced a higher relative risk for obesity HbA1c values 7% and having two or more diabetes complications.
Previous research shows that leanness- and weight-dependent sports increase the risk of developing disturbed eating behavior.
To find answers to these questions, Cornell University researchers launched the National Mindless Eating Challenge (NMEC), an online healthy eating and weight loss program which focused on simple eating behavior changes, instead of dieting.
In several cases, the period of carrying a fetus may give rise to disordered eating behavior (Van den Broucke & Vandereycken, 1988).
In a letter to the FTC, the FDA, and other agencies, 150 state, regional, and national food groups and manufacturers now argue that there's no evidence the proposed restrictions would contribute to long-term changes in eating behavior or solve childhood obesity.