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Synonyms for coprophagia

eating feces


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2 Jackass Number Two (Jeff Tremaine) Playing on more than three thousand screens, Jackass 2 was the number-one-grossing movie in America on its opening weekend--and the male stars eat shit and drink horse semen for real.
I mean, no one's going to eat shit in it," he adds, referring to a notorious scene in his 1972 breakthrough film, Pink Flamingos, "but I guarantee you no one's ever going to eat shit again in one of my movies.
A session would start maybe by brother saying, "Man, before you mess with me you'd rather run rabbits, eat shit and bark at the moon.
I was pleased to see, however, her artist's book, They Eat Shit, for sale at the ticket counter.
When I go to the skatepark, people expect me to eat shit, bust out some crazy trick, or be a poser.