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Synonyms for coprophagia

eating feces


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I mean, no one's going to eat shit in it," he adds, referring to a notorious scene in his 1972 breakthrough film, Pink Flamingos, "but I guarantee you no one's ever going to eat shit again in one of my movies.
A session would start maybe by brother saying, "Man, before you mess with me you'd rather run rabbits, eat shit and bark at the moon.
Here is the aphorism: Academics like to eat shit, and in a pinch they don't care whose shit they eat.
I was pleased to see, however, her artist's book, They Eat Shit, for sale at the ticket counter.
I just wanted to try it and then would get kinda close and eat shit, then get close and eat shit again.
Or in order for me to do it, like, someone come up and punch me straight in the fuckin' jaw so I can feel some pain or just eat shit already or something.
You can try really hard crooked tricks, nosegrinds, and know you're not gonna eat shit too bad.