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credit available at low rates of interest

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The head of the South Korea central bank is doubtful that easy monetary policy can boost demand enough.
Deflationary pressures should allow for easy monetary policy to continue in Europe and Japan, and market pricing suggests investors are far less concerned about Fed policy withdrawal than they were at the start of 2014.
Furthermore, Turkey's large external financing need combined with the prospect of less easy monetary policy from the Fed [US Federal Reserve] will curb capital inflows, also lira negative.
EASY POLICY In a speech to the National Association for Business Economics, Bernanke said easy monetary policy would support demand and, over time, drive down long-term unemployment.
Federal Reserve on Monday indicating easy monetary policy would remain in place for some time.
India's central bank said on July 27 there were indications of inflation firming up by the end of the year due to increases in commodity prices, easy monetary policy and expansionary fiscal policy.
The newspaper said that when LDP Secretary General Taku Yamasaki met Koizumi on Monday, he recommended Nakahara, an avid advocate of easy monetary policy, as the successor to BOJ Governor Masaru Hayami, whose tenure ends on March 19.
Global Banking News-March 17, 2015--Japanese central bank maintains easy monetary policy
In that context basically, you can't have an easy monetary policy, which in our case is an exchange-rate policy.
Summary: The Reserve Bank of Australia said that the combination of easy monetary policy along with fiscal stimulus has stoked demand, according to the minute of.
Easy monetary policy covers a lot of economic and political sins.
The yen has resumed falling on expectations the central bank will maintain or even expand its super easy monetary policy until inflation reaches 2 percent.
The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, has called on central banks around the world to maintain easy monetary policy.
The easy monetary policy "will remain appropriate for a considerable time after the asset purchase program ends and the economic recovery strengthens," it the panel said.
Although the price of oil is always influenced by circumstances peculiar to the petroleum industry, an important ingredient in its high and rising price was (is) the unduly easy monetary policy of the Fed--as was also true in the 1970s.