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the Easter season

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A NORTON Eastertide custom involved the village men taking off the women's shoes on Easter Sunday.
Reginald Fuller had heard me tell a couple of stories and asked me to tell the Emmaus appearance story for a service during Eastertide.
You will invite them to a simple meal, as once again you invite us to the joy of our Eastertide.
Ecumenical Eastertide Service arranged by the Churches in Lemington.
By the time you read this, the triduum will be replaced by the Easter season, otherwise called Eastertide or Paschal time.
It's the eve of Khodr's Eastertide concert in Beirut, a tradition going back five years.
At Eastertide we think about the suffering of Jesus on his way to Calvary, his death on the cross and his resurrection to new life.
He added: 'We have an eternal resting place with God our Father who calls us home - as he has called her home this Eastertide.
It is preaching on the "mysteries," that is, the sacraments, as experienced by those baptized and communed at the Easter Vigil, preaching based on the sacraments as texts, presented during Eastertide and designed to shape the life of those just initiated into the church.
10am Procession and the Cathedral Eucharist: Introit, This joyful Eastertide - arr Wood, Processional Hymn, Missa Brevis in F - Mozart, Gradual, The Easter Anthems, Psalm 66, Stanford in C, Ye choirs of new Jerusalem - Stanford, Hymns, Voluntary: Marche Triomphale on 'Nun danket'.
Please God, this Eastertide, let us be those that bring peace and joy to others, rather than pain and suffering.
11am Choral Eucharist, Introit: This joyful Eastertide - C Wood, Missa Brevis in C - Mozart, I am the Resurrection - Schuetz.
Two hundred years on, and there is still major Beethoven to discover - and the exciting news is that his Eastertide oratorio Christus am Oelberge is a cogent, rewarding piece well worthy of more frequent revival.
One of the greatest and most dramatic of all choral works, this traditional Eastertide story is sung, in English, by soloists, double chorus and double orchestra.
Over the first centuries there developed both city-wide and provincial get-togethers often convened at Eastertide, gatherings of bishops and others in regional, national, general, and eventually ecumenical synods or councils to address doctrinal and pastoral concerns.