Zhou dynasty

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the imperial dynasty of China from 1122 to 221 BC

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The Eastern Zhou dynasty (770-221 BCE), which ruled prior to the Qin, worshipped fire, represented by the colour red, and accordingly, red was prominent in the Zhou people's attire.
Hong Kong-based dealer Orientique brings a rare pair of Qing cloisonne and champleve enamel elephants from the Qianlong period (1736-95), while another highlight can be seen on the stand of Paris-based Christian Deydier, who offers a ritual bronze vessel from the Eastern Zhou dynasty.
As to how urbanism occurred in the first place to create a certain pattern of physical city layout, the first urbanization in ancient China may be considered to have taken place in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, when a number of farmers abandoned their lands and shared urban life for the first time with members of the ruling class.
It is well known that the Eastern Zhou dynasty was the period of social change in ancient China (Hsu 1965; Yang 1983).
During the past decade and a half, a great number of early cities, especially Eastern Zhou dynasty cities, have been unearthed, and we can now interpret the matter from an archaeological point of view.
Most scholarly interest in the state-capital cities of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty by Chinese archaeologists and historians was limited to
Last but by no means least, Gisele Croes flourished a large, ornate archaic bronze Shengding vase from the Eastern Zhou dynasty (770-256 BC), with a price tag of 3m [euro].