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The two successive Eastern Turkistan Republics, declared in 1933 and 1944, loom large in terms of the historical meanings that are attached to them.
Eastern Turkistan, one of their areas of settlement, has preserved remnants of the rich Sogdian religious literature.
The list also names the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement -- which the U.
It noted that the supporters of terrorist groups like the Al-Qaida, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Islamic Jihad Union and the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement were active in the Central Asian region.
Commerce between the Indus Valley Civilization (aka Pakistan 5000 years ago) and Ughuristan, Eastern Turkistan or Xinxiang has been an integral of the Pakistani and Kashmiri economy.
Speaking to Turkey's NTV channel after hearing the good news from Erdogan, Kadeer said that she is grateful to the people of Turkey for the support they have displayed for their brothers and sisters in Eastern Turkistan.
The author and his Uyghur informant collaborated to prepare an excellent, substantial descriptive grammar and 15 dialogue units for the modern Uyghur language as indigenous speakers use it mainly in eastern Turkistan (Xinjiang), China.
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