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IBL AL-SAQI, Lebanon: Celebrations of Easter will take place throughout the weekend for Eastern Orthodox Christians, but the holiday is just as important for the Druze community of this southern border town.
Innocent Orthodox Church in Tarzana, affiliated with the Orthodox Church in America, will be among an estimated 4 million Eastern Orthodox Christians in the United States celebrating Jesus' resurrection this weekend.
The issue of climate change also featured in a message sent to the WCC gathering by Patriarch Bartholomeos I, seen by many as the leader of Eastern Orthodox Christians worldwide, and who is sometimes called the Green Patriarch because of his support for the environmental cause.
These 20 or 30 college students and young professionals are Eastern Orthodox Christians living in the Baltimore-Washington.
For Eastern Orthodox Christians, Mary is the Theotokos and Virgin Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ.
This time, however, the walk is a journey of peace and ends with Western Christians seeking forgiveness and reconciliation with Jews, Muslims, and Eastern Orthodox Christians.
Spelled out in the editors' substantial Introduction, that thesis states that a critical source for the undermining of the post-Reformation confessional state came from unlikely quarters: from orthodox dissenters among Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox Christians, who for various reasons opposed their respective ecclesiastical establishments and the political orders that supported them.
Miller); Conversion of Eastern Orthodox Christians to the Unia in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries" (Robert M.
Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Christians mark Saturday St.
Armenians and other Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas last weekend.
Many Russians and Greeks sympathize with Serbia because they share a common identity as Eastern Orthodox Christians.
Kamen Barakov was one of those, who secured the Alternative Synod victory in the Strasbourg European Court of Human Rights, which ruled in September last year that the Bulgarian state has unduly forced Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Christians to worship under only one church by chasing out clergy from the 'alternative' synod out of temples.
Across the region, Armenians and other Eastern Orthodox Christians marked Jan.
The two recent Marian doctrines are rejected by Eastern Orthodox Christians, whose historic reverence for Mary parallels that of Roman Catholics.
Where once Catholic interfaith dialogue largely meant conversation with Jews and mainline Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Christians, today it also means growing relationships with Muslims and evangelical Protestants.
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