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imperial dynasty that ruled China (most of the time from 206 BC to AD 220) and expanded its boundaries and developed its bureaucracy


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13B tomb, a brick- and wood-chambered tomb of the Eastern Han period (AD 25-220) (Figure 11).
9) True, Eastern Han tombs shared some degree of "family resemblance," but each cemetery and its pictorial program is more or less different.
3) Construction joint venture during the Eastern Han Dynasty
Betwixt and between: depictions of Immortals in Eastern Han Dynasty reliefs.
Cao Cao was the final chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty, who went on to form his own state during the political turmoil of the Three Kingdoms period.
Consequently, by the end of the Western Han period (206 BC-AD 8), the number of Han cities may have been greater than 1600, decreasing only slightly to around 1285 cities during the Eastern Han period (AD 24-220) (Fan Ye 1965).
The breadth of Sterckx's survey is particularly impressive, ranging from early Western Zhou bronze inscriptions through the late Eastern Han and occasionally beyond, and including several recent manuscript finds as well as multiple textual genres.
The period spanning the second to early fifth century AD is seen in East Turkestan (Xinjiang) as essentially a phase of transition marked by the inexorable decline of the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25-220), the attendant collapse of the empire and consequently the partition of China into smaller territories and shorter-lived ruling dynasties.
They documented an unbroken line of transmission that survived wars and plagues, extended through social and economic change, and shaped four hundred years of intellectual and political history from the establishment of the Western Han till the end of the Eastern Han.
The pottery, roof tiles and other objects show no evidence of Eastern Han stylistic or technological characteristics.
During the Eastern Han the northern frontier continued to pose grave challenges to Han power.
at the close of Eastern Han, forging their descriptions into a single coherent system, the best scholar on the ritual canons was almost certainly Hu Peihui [?
Although there is no doubt that the Si River is in Shandong, the location of Xi-he province is more problematical: at least six are recorded in the Chinese annals, one each in Western and Eastern Han times (206 BC-AB 220), one in the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220-280), one in Eastern Jin (AD 317-420), one in the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (AD 420-581) and one in the T'ang Dynasty (AD 618-907), an overall span of some 1100 years.
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