Eastern Desert

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a desert in Egypt between the Nile River and the Red Sea

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It is divided into thirteen chapters dealing with five main arguments, directly related to one other: 1) a general outline of geographical, environmental, and historical background to the study of the Red Sea coast and the Eastern Desert in Egypt: chapter 1.
Summary: The middle of a Middle Eastern desert country is hardly the place you would expect to find Spanish architecture -- but nestled near Sharjah's corniche, one such place has proved so popular with locals that many have even set up home there.
This has occurred together with their readiness to give up parts of the Egyptian territory in the south of the Eastern Desert, that is Halayeb and Shalatin, to their southern neighbour Sudan so as to preserve their good relation with the Islamist government in Khartoum.
Arriving back in the UK yesterday after five days trekking more than 80km through the extreme heat of the Middle Eastern desert, the group have brought in more than PS42,000 in sponsorship.
Mystery and confusion reigns over the hostage and siege crisis at a gas complex in the eastern desert of Algeria.
Militants of the Islamist group were particularly active in the South of the country until a month-long government offensive that ended in June, forced them into the more lawless eastern desert regions.
It forms part of the beautiful Red Sea coast and meets the eastern desert proving stunning sunsets.
How anyone in this enlightened age can believe in something postulated by Middle Eastern desert tribesmen between two and four thousand years ago, who knew absolutely nothing of how the world was formed or evolved, is beyond any intelligent comprehension.
Until recently our knowledge of fifth-millennium BC Egyptian mortuary contexts was limited to a handful of sites, all seemingly dated to the latter part of the millennium: el-Omari (south of Cairo), Merimde Beni-Salame (western Delta), the Badari region (northern Upper Egypt) and a few isolated graves in the Eastern Desert.
Summary: American national Elinor Nichols could never have guessed nearly half-a-century ago that a visit with her late husband Roger Nichols to a remote sand-buffeted fort in the eastern desert of the Kingdom would spark a journey that would see her return as a royal guest.
The glasshouse design protects the system from harsh Middle Eastern desert conditions and produces direct steam with unmatched energy density," said Griffith.
Los Angeles San Diego Rosa maria Gonzales, of the Imperial Irrigation District in California's Affected area Pacific Ocean Mexico sizzling eastern desert, said: "It feels like you're in an oven and you can't escape.
Rosa Maria Gonzales, a spokeswoman with the Imperial Irrigation District in California's sizzling eastern desert, was less enthusiastic - temperatures were well into triple-digit territory when the power went out.
He had been stuck in a camp in the eastern desert but eventually managed to get on a flight organised by a Libyan oil company.
In his memoir, "Decision Points", to hit bookstores on Tuesday, Bush says that he received an intelligence report about a "suspicious, well-hidden facility in the eastern desert of Syria" that looked similar to a nuclear facility at Yongbyon, North Korea.
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