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the Catholic Church as it existed in the Byzantine Empire

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With the exception of the Maronites and Byzantine Italians, each Eastern church has its mirror image on both the Catholic and Orthodox side.
Shortly after that appointment, Florovsky was also appointed Lecturer in Eastern Church History at the Harvard University Divinity School.
Arrangements in principle are being made for a meeting between President Obama and Patriarch Rai and the Eastern Church patriarchs at the end of the conference," Walid Ghayyad, a spokesman for Rai, told The Daily Star.
The feast of St Stephen is celebrated in the Western church on December 26, but in the Eastern church on December 27.
This book gives accounts of ideas related to the Epistle to the Romans that were created by four key Orthodox interpreters of the Bible, all of whom are considered Fathers of the Eastern Church.
The Eastern church follows the older calendar, which runs 13 days behind, and, it always follows the Jewish Passover.
At the first "Faith and Order" Conference at Lausanne (1927), Sergei Bulgakov told a largely evangelical Protestant audience that disunion would disappear only when "the eyes of all turn towards our Mother, the Orthodox Eastern Church, and towards its charismatic episcopate for the healing of infirmities and renewal of our exhausted energies.
Despite the abundance of recent publications in religion and science, the Eastern Church has not been prominently involved in the discussion.
It is the day when the Western church celebrates the wise men coming from the East and the Eastern church celebrates Christ's baptism and his first miracle.
From then we move to the Eastern Church, the Western Church in the Middle Ages, Europe in the early modern period with an emphasis on the Reformation and the growth of mysticism in Spain and France and, in the final chapter, post-Reformation mystics in England and America.
Summary: Patriarch Beshara Rai leaves for Washington Monday at the head of a delegation of Eastern church patriarchs to attend a conference on protecting the Christian presence in the Levant, sources in Bkirki said Tuesday.
Popov's seminal article, "The Idea of Deification in the Early Eastern Church," translated by Boris Jakim.
reflects on the Philokalia, a collection of spiritual texts composed by fathers of the Eastern Church from the 4th to the 15th centuries, and first published in the late 18th century.
Baghdad (NINA) - Leader of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC), Ammar al-Hakeem, discussed with the Head of the Ancient Eastern Church the situation in the country.
The perceptible differences between the Eastern Church and Western Church date to the fourth century A.
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