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the Catholic Church as it existed in the Byzantine Empire

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Eastern Christianity should not have portrayed itself as a vanishing species, but as an outpost of Western values and heritage that is today in peril.
Need, whose forte is historical theology, is another who has made Eastern Christianity more comprehensible to Westerners.
The first, Habib Malik, the Lebanese scholar, articulates why Middle Eastern Christianity should matter to the West.
What differentiates Eastern Christianity from Western Christianity in Nemo's view is its undervaluation of men's temporal action and its lack of emphasis on human reason and progress.
In her lucid introduction to the Encounter of Eastern Christianity with Early Islam, Emmanouela Grypeou describes the work as the product of a 2003 workshop at the University of Erfurt, the goal of which was to investigate how conflicts in the sixth/early seventh century between Byzantium and local Christian communities in the eastern Mediterranean affected the rise of Islam in that region.
Many further meanings have been devised for the Grail, which has been linked to the Celts and King Arthur, the eucharistic rites of Eastern Christianity, ancient mystery religions, Jungian archetypes, dualist heresies, Templar treasures and even the alleged descendants of Christ and Mary Magdalene.
Bulgakov rightly observes that productive monasticism was not a monopoly of Western Christianity, but rather that "it is in the monastic practices of both Western and Eastern Christianity where asceticism receives the clearest form of expression of its attitude toward economic labor.
In this erudite monograph, Sergey Ivanov shows the roots of the holy fool in ancient eastern Christianity, and connects medieval Russian Orthodoxy to the antique world not through flights of fancy or gross generalizations, but in a specific, precise, richly reasoned, and resonant way.
I believe it is Eastern Christianity which can now provide the anchor to stop the drift of English Christianity into ultimate dissolution.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992; Bat Ye'or, The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam.
That essay considers both the increased availability of documents from eastern countries, despite the failure of Western and Eastern Christianity to reunite, and the slow arrival of and limited access to English translations of the Bible despite the invention of printing and the Increasing general interest in biblical scholarship.
Orthodox theology has been called upon to answer non-Orthodox questions from the depths of her catholic and unbroken experience, and to confront Western Christianity, not with accusations but with the testimony and the truth of Eastern Christianity.
Eastern Christianity, not encumbered with the West's juridical obsessions, understands the person and work of the Holy Spirit quite differently and with the addition in the west of the Filioque clause (Who proceedeth from the Father and the Son) to the Nicene Creed the theological foundation was laid for the split between western and eastern Christianity in 1054 C.
The Pope's apology for the actions of Western Christians is part of his attempt to reconcile Western and Eastern Christianity.
Other examples may be seen in cases where silk, associated not only with religious symbolism and ceremonialism, but also with imperial affluence and prestige, caused an increased demand for the commodity in both Western and Eastern Christianity, as well as in the Islamic world.
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