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the beliefs and practices of any of the eastern Catholic Churches based in Constantinople or Antioch or Alexandria or Moscow or Jerusalem

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Where Western Rite Orthodoxy is similar to the Eastern Catholic Churches, the similarity is largely superficial, based on the fact that both groups are relatively minor, ritually distinct communities within an otherwise liturgically homogeneous communion.
As the years moved on, a number of other Eastern Catholic churches were recognized by Rome, such as the Syrian church (1656), the Melkite church (1724), the Armenian church (1742), the Chaldean church (1834), and the Coptic church (1899)--all Catholic churches.
The Eastern Catholic Churches will continue to exist under the canonical jurisdictions of their respective patriarchs, while accepting the spiritual primacy of the patriarch of Rome; at the same time, they will continue to follow the liturgical, theological, and spiritual traditions of their Orthodox "sister" churches.
The Eastern Catholic Churches are 22 autonomous, self-governing churches which are in full communion with the pope.
In the post-Vatican II church, Rome granted all Eastern Catholic churches, (12) which includes the Ukrainian Catholic Church, their own code of canon law, which was published in 1990, as well as the authority to write their own catechism.
WASHINGTON * The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation voted in early June to encourage the "lifting of the restrictions regarding the ordination of married men to the priesthood in the Eastern Catholic Churches of North America.
This is the current liturgical tradition of all Eastern Orthodox churches, as well as many Eastern Catholic churches.
The NNA report said Sfeir will also attend on September 19 a gathering between the pope and patriarchs of eastern Catholic churches to discuss among other things the situation of Christians in the Middle East.
He aims his book at those Roman Catholics who would like to learn more about their brothers and sisters in faith in the various Eastern Catholic churches of the world.
When they do, they often confuse the Eastern Catholic churches with the Orthodox churches.
As a child in parochial school, I learned of the existence of the Eastern Catholic churches, invariably presented to us as examples of richness and diversity, bright signs of the church's unity and catholicity.
The Syro-Malabar church is one of two Eastern Catholic churches that have their origins in India.
Archbishop Schevchuk will be the pastor of a Church of five million faithful, the largest of the Eastern Catholic Churches.
The discussions will focus on the Eastern Catholic Churches, especially those present in the Middle East and the ecumenical relationships among them, and on the Petrine ministry in the church.
He also asked the patriarchs of the Eastern Catholic churches to accompany him in prayer before the remains of Peter beneath the main altar of St.
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