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OXFORD -- One local man wants to restore Barbers Hollow Brook to its original condition, so that Eastern brook trout can return and thrive there, but town funding for such projects does not appear to be available.
Peter Harand of Easthampton recently shattered a 40-year-old state record for eastern brook trout, catching a 10-pounder at Ashfield Lake in Ashfield, according to the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.
The project includes both public and private organizations and it is part of a joint venture by Massachusetts and 16 other states within the historical Eastern brook trout range to restore habitat for the only native trout in much of the eastern part of the country.
Less than 11 percent of the watersheds in the state support intact or reduced brook trout populations, and most of those are located in the western part of the state, according to a Massachusetts summary done by the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture.
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