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The children were sponsored a pound each to don their wellies in the hope of raising PS200 for Farm Africa, a charity which works with farmers across eastern Africa to help end hunger in the region.
The children were sponsored a pound each to don their wellies to raise PS200 for Farm Africa, a charity which works with farmers across eastern Africa to help end hunger in the region.
Chairman of Sudan Workers' Trade Unions Federation (SWTUF), Engineer Yousif Abdul-Karim, has asserted in a statement to SUNA that the forum of the Trade Union Federation of Eastern Africa which began Monday in Khartoum, which would continue till May 7, will review a number of the workers issues in East Africa, including the salaries, the cost of living in the African states, the issue of minimum wage, pensions and social security funds.
th] Eastern Africa - Strategy Briefing presented by their Chairman, Dr Duncan Clarke, is held prior to the conference, on Monday 28[sup.
Although the proportion of women wanting to avoid pregnancy increased by three percentage points overall between 2003 and 2012, larger increases occurred in eastern Asia (from 66% to 72%), eastern Africa (from 39% to 45%), southern Africa (from 63% to 70%), the Caribbean (from 52% to 59%) and South America (from 62% to 68%).
The documents, archives and monuments theme will focus on the historical Islamic manuscripts and documents of the archival centers and libraries in Eastern Africa, the importance of archival institutions and libraries, the manuscripts and historical records, the Omani historical manuscripts and records in Eastern Africa and the influence of Islamic civilization in Eastern Africa on the records, manuscripts and archives.
The international community needs to continue to support the most vulnerable households in Somalia and other arid and semi-arid lands in the Horn of Africa to cope with another possible dry spell,' said the Food Agriculture Organization's (FAO) Subregional Coordinator for Eastern Africa, Castro Camarada.
The project is part of a big plan to open up an Eastern Africa power network, but has attracted controversy due to social and environmental worries over the knock-on effects of hydro-power in Ethiopia.
Farm Africa's Give Hunger the Boot appeal is providing local schoolchildren with a fun way to help African children who are going hungry every day in communities across eastern Africa.
With this order RwandAir will become the first operator of these aircraft in Eastern Africa.
Educated in Italy and the United States, Bellagamba went to Kenya as a missionary in 1958; there he became professor of pastoral theology at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi and later was regional vice-superior of Consolata missionaries in Kenya.
Arriving in East Africa in 1915, Manilal Ambalal Desai quickly became involved in the activities of the Eastern Africa Indian National Congress, an umbrella body of Indian Associations in East Africa engaged in the political struggles against colonialism and racism, remaining active in leadership roles and activism until he died from a heart attack in 1926.
Amway will provide $100,000 toward relief efforts for the food and water crisis in Eastern Africa.
The Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa reports that Jesuit Refugee Service, Catholic Relief Services, Caritas Ethiopia and Caritas Kenya have helped thousands of people in northern Kenya and in Somalia since the water crisis hit in November.
Funds raised will support the work of Africa Foundation, whose mission is to better the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in South and Eastern Africa.